The Public Health Foundation Support Association

The Public Health Foundation Support Association supports the Public Health Foundation’s work. The foundation was established in 1996 as a not-for-profit organization. It promotes transparency and consumer orientation within the healthcare sector. The Support Association was formed by individuals who identify with the Public Health Foundation’s goals and want to actively promote the foundation’s work. Many projects can only be realized because of this support. The Support Association’s member feels close to the Health Foundation and its goals: They are patients, who received help through its services, doctors, who welcome the Health Foundation’s initiatives, and many others.

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Social Commitment & Entrepreneurial Actions

Social Commitment & Entrepreneurial Actions

The Support Association promotes the Health Foundation’s activities by providing financial and other resources. The Public Health Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and a social enterprise: economic thinking supports a good cause. Instead of creating profits for shareholders, the Health Foundation serves the common good.

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Promoting research

The Austrian writer and scientist Adolf Pichler once said: „Research is always on its way, never at the end.” This is at the core the Support Association’s work with its continued support for research in the healthcare sector. This research provides healthcare-related information to the public, helps consumers with navigation and orientation, and plays an important role in improving healthcare services – for people with disabilities, dementia and in general care.

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Accessible medical care

Providing accessible healthcare services will be a major task in the coming years. Doctor’s offices and hospitals show, in some cases substantial, shortcomings in this area. The result: People with impaired vision have difficulties finding their way, patients in wheelchairs and with mobility impairments cannot access healthcare facilities, deaf people and those hard of hearing find it hard to communicate. The Support Association promotes equal access to medical care for people with disabilities. In cooperation with its partners the Support Association supports several projects dedicated to promoting accessible medical care.

Projects promoting accessible medical care