Project-related Cooperations

In many areas, the goals of the Public Health Foundation Support Association are shared by other institutions and organizations. In such cases, both sides come together in order to successfully implement a worthwhile project. This creates benefits for both the Support Association and its partners but particularly for consumers. After all, collaborations of this kind enable projects to be implemented faster and become available to a larger number of people.

These are some of the cooperation partners:

The Public Health Foundation

The Support Association’s most important partner is, for obvious reasons, the Public Health Foundation itself. After all, the Support Association came into being in order to help the Public Health Foundation in the implementation of its goals and assist its work.

The Public Health Foundation (German)

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

The Public Health Foundation’s Arzt-Auskunft has been incorporated on (simply take part), a portal for people with disabilities, run by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. This cooperation gives users of the website the opportunity to not only search for doctors, but at the same time find information on the accessibility of the respective practices. Additionally, the Arzt-Auskunft itself is fully accessible on that website and therefore can be used by a large number of people.
Federal Project “einfach teilhaben” (German)

Medizinrechtsanwälte e.V. (Medical Lawyers’ Association)

The Medizinrechtsanwälte e.V. (Medical Lawyers’ association) sponsors the Medizinrechts-Beratungsnetz (medical law consultation network), a service providing legal advice for doctors and patients on medical matters. The service was originally initiated by the Public Health Foundation. Doctors as well as patients and their families are provided with a voucher for a legal consultation on medical matters. This service is free of charge. The medical law consultation network has been in place for more than ten years.

The Deutsche Medizinrechtstag (German Medical Law Symposium) is also hosted in cooperation with the Medical Lawyers‘ association. This shared symposium of medical lawyers and medical professionals is held once a year.

Medizinrechts-Beratungsnetz (German)

Project “Accessible Practice”

The Project “Accessible Practice” generates information on the level of accessibility of doctors’ offices. This information is then made available to patients via the Arzt-Auskunft. Additionally, the project raises awareness and provides doctors, dentists and psychological psychotherapists with further information.

Project partners:
Project-related consultation also with:

Projekt “Barrierefreie Praxis” (German)

Project „namo“

Project „namo“ supports the mobility of elderly people in public spaces by providing relevant information through an electronic device. This travel assistant helps to plan a barrier-free trip using public transport. One of the Support Association’s partners in this project is the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, a regional provider of public transport, who will also implement the device in a test area.

Project “namo” Homepage (German)

GGMA Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsmarktanalyse

The GGMA Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsmarktanalyse mbH is a research corporation, specializing on the healthcare sector. For many years, the Public Health Foundation as well as the Support Association have been working closely with this company, particularly on studies such as the annual survey on quality management, patient safety and hygiene in doctors’ offices.

GGMA (German)

VCmed AG

[/list] In close cooperation with its IT service provider, the VCmed AG, the Public Health Foundation Support Association has been able to implement valuable projects, such as the Doctor Search and the Project “Accessible Practice”.

VCmed AG (German)